The Chronicles of The Annabel Lee

Dawn of Defiance: Episode 9
The Queen of Air and Darkness: Part 2

After the heroes have dealt with the Ugnaughts in Darga’s employ, they return to Fyren and Krygg to complete the transaction. Fyren and Krygg are extremely pleased and thank the heroes for helping to restore some of the reputation their people had lost. According to Fyren and Krygg, the Hutt has long been taking the Tibanna gas siphoned from Figg & Associates and selling it to the Empire. The transactions are usually discrete, and they have been unable to learn what Darga gets out of the deal. However, they know that the next transaction will take place during the Cloud City Sabacc Tournament. Fyren suggests that the heroes visit the Yerith Bespin hotel (one of the finest in the city) or the Royal Casino (where this year’s tournament is to be held). Though the Empire rarely makes itself known on Cloud City, so many strangers have arrived in the last few days that almost anyone, including Imperial agents, could be involved in the tournament.

The heroes find that the entire Royal Casino has been closed down in preparation for the tournament, and several Wing Guards block anyone from entering. From the outside, the heroes can see workers and technicians inside the casino, working diligently to make sure that every table is spotless, every sabacc dealer droid is functioning, and every room is well lit.

At the Yerith Bespin, however, the heroes have a bit of good fortune. As they enter the lobby of the hotel, they hear a loud argument between a Human male and one of the desk workers. Everyone in earshot canhear the man complaining that his accommodations are unsatisfactory,and he demands that the hotel manager put him in a better room.Though the desk worker is doing his best to calm the man, the customer continues his arrogant tirade, heedless of how many people arewatching. The opulent Yerith Bespin hotel is decorated extravagantly and is clearly one of the finest establishments in the galaxy. Beautifully woven carpets stretch from one side of the lobby to another, and crystalline chandeliers hover overhead, casting scintillating light down on the guests below. To one side of the room, a row of fine wooden desks house computer terminals for hotel employees, each of whom is helping finely dressed guests check in. The Human man, dressed in the style of Core nobility, speaks with a precise accent even as he shouts at the desk worker, complaining about how unsuitable he finds the accommodations.

As the heroes approach, they notice that, just across the lobby, a small entourage of four Humans and two Theelin women (near-Humans with colorful hair and skin patterns) waits patiently for the shouting customer to air his complaints. They notice that the two Theelin are watching the man’s every move carefully and seem to be scanning the room looking for threats at the same time—clearly, they are bodyguards of some sort.Though middle aged, the four Humans are all very similar; in fact, they could be quadruplets and are distinguished only by the scars they bear.

After a few moments, the argument at the desk subsides, and the nobleman seems to be mollified. He briskly strides over to the clones and his bodyguards and begins issuing orders in hushed tones while the hotel staff rushes off, apparently to see to his requests. The noble gathers his party and stalks off into the streets of Cloud City.

Trooper and Psort tail them but are spotted. Whe the noble sees Trooper he reacts badly and orders his guards to kill the confused hero. The fight is bloody but the heroes are victorious once again.

Once the heroes have dealt with the noble and his guards, they canlearn a good deal about who he is and why he is in Cloud City from a datapad on his person. The datapad contains travel logs that identify him as Baron Kithriss, a wealthy noble from Chandrila. The logs show that prior to coming to Bespin, he spent a great deal of time on a political retreat in the Deep Core, seemingly at Palpatine’s behest. Baron Kithriss’s datapad includes instructions to meet up with his “retainers” (the clone troopers) and travel to Bespin, securing accommodations at the Yerith Bespin hotel and awaiting further instructions. Moreover, he is to let no one know that he is an agent for the Empire, and he must maintain complete communications silence except to receive instructions on his hotel computer. The Baron has his hotel access card, and the savvy heroes should realize that they can use the card to gain access to his suite in the Yerith Bespin, granting them luxurious rooms for the duration of their stay and allowing them to intercept the Baron’s instructions from the Empire. Since he has been instructed to remain silent, they need fear anyone noticing the Baron’s untimely disappearance.

After a day or two, during which time Ethan has entered the Sabaac tournament and Trooper, Psort and Karth have gained employment as tournament security, they receive a message for the Baron from the Empire: Missive from Coruscant: Transaction codename SARLACC065824 setvto occur during Cloud City Sabacc Tournament as planned. The Hutt has assured us that his agent will be present to receive the handoff. An officer from the Assiduous will be taking part in the tournament. The transaction will occur during play so as to avoid arousing suspicion. You are responsible only for observing this transaction and making sure that the Hutt’s agent does nothing to endanger the secrecy of the arrangement. Under no circumstances are you to interfere with the transaction. Once the transaction is complete, send a confirmation message to Coruscant standard relay 88-Shen- Xesh-3, then return to Chandrila. No further instructions will follow.

With the message received, the heroes now know what to look for. If they can discover which of the sabacc players is Darga’s agent, and if they can observe the details of the transaction, they can likely find out where the Hutt is hiding and perhaps discover the depth of his involvement in the Sarlacc Project. The fact that the Empire refers to the transaction by the Sarlacc codename indicates to the heroes that they are on the right track.

Dawn of Defiance: Episode 8
The Queen of Air and Darkness: Part 1

After a few days of recovery time, the heroes are dispatched to Bespin in pursuit of Darga and his plans.

Once the heroes have made their way through customs, the heroes begin their search. Most citizens don’t know the first thing about the crime lord, and they seem affronted that the heroes would suspect them of associating with criminal types. Digging deeper turns up few leads. Computer-savvy Londo discovers a spaceport log entry for the arrival of a luxury yacht called the Glorious Chariot, whose port of origin is registered as Cato Neimoidia, but the docking information seems to have been erased, with no ability to retrieve it.

With all of the luxury vessels arriving at Cloud City for the Galactic Sabaac tournament, finding a specific yacht is going to prove nearly impossible, and the heroes realise that doing so could take weeks even under the best of conditions.

The heroes get a message from Captain Okeefe, she tells them that a message was delivered electronically to the Banshee, addressed to them. The message simply states, “If you are wise, you will stop asking so many questions. It is a long drop through the clouds, and enemies of the Hutt have a bad habit of vanishing.” Captain Okeefe tells the heroes that her droid copilot, Crash, has managed to trace the message back to a computer terminal in one of the more industrial areas of Cloud City, and can give them directions using the city’s map.

Following the directions they received from Captain Okeefe, the heroes leave the tourist areas of Cloud City and begin descending into the industrial sector. Humans become less and less common, and Ugnaughts outnumber other species almost two to one in these areas. The directions lead the heroes to an office marked “Parliament of Guilds— Sector U357,” which appears to be little more than a bureaucratic office. Inside, the heroes find nearly a dozen Ugnaughts working behind desks and at computer terminals. When the heroes enter the Parliament office, over a dozen Ugnaughts look up from computer terminals or end conversations with one another abruptly. There is a long moment of silence as the Ugnaught workers all turn their eyes toward thrm. Breaking the silence, one of the Ugnaughts squeals and grabs another by the coat, shaking his comrade roughly. “I told you they would find us!” the Ugnaught shouts. “You’ve brought them down on us, all because of your meddling! They will kill us for sure!” The second Ugnaught, fighting desperately to break free of his companion’s grasp, cries out pleadingly. “We don’t know that they work for the Hutt! Maybe they could help us.”

After struggling with each other for a few more moments, the two Ugnaughts separate, and the first turns to the heroes, begging for his life. He introduces himself as Krygg and explains that they meant no harm with the message. His shaken companion, who identifies himself as Fyren, tells the heroes (in a much less fearful tone) that they noticed the heroes snooping around afterDarga and figured that they might be enemies of the Hutt. Rebuking Krygg for his spinelessness, Fyren invites the heroes to join him in his office. The two Ugnaughts escort the heroes to a very small, cramped office (built for Ugnaught-sized inhabitants), where they explain furtherexactly what happened.

According to Fyren and Krygg, ever since Darga set up his ancillary operation in Cloud City, it has caused no end of trouble for the Ugnaughts, particularly those involved in the Parliament of Guilds, Cloud City’s ruling body. When Darga first set up shop in Cloud City, he began bribing a number of Ugnaughts working for Figg & Associates (the company responsible for all Tibanna gas exports from Bespin) in order to siphon off some of the spin-sealed Tibanna gas for sale on the black market. When Figg & Associates discovered the missing Tibanna gas, they began taking their complaints to the Parliament of Guilds. Knowing that the Ugnaughts were responsible for the missing gas, but not knowing which ones, the Parliament had no choice but to issue tougher restrictions on all Ugnaughts. Over time, the situation has degenerated to the point where the Ugnaughts’ reputation is close to being ruined.

Fyren explains that, when they noticed the heroes searching for Darga, he sent them a message to dissuade them from seeking the Hutt further. Fyren says that he was just trying to stop them from getting too involved in dealings with the Hutt, but Krygg accuses his companion of leaving a trail for the heroes to follow, hoping they would come to assist. Fyren admits that he finds it fortunate that the heroes have come, and if they will help the Parliament of Guilds root out the Ugnaughts on Darga’s payroll, he and Krygg will provide information that could help them in their search for the missing Hutt. The Ugnaughts explain that they were considering dealing with their criminal comrades themselves, but they believe that the heroes are more suited to (and likely more experienced in) dealing with those in Darga’s employ. Fyren explains that they don’t necessarily want the heroes to kill the Ugnaughts that Darga has bought, but that such losses would be understandable if the heroesfound no peaceful way to resolve the situation.

The heroes agree to the exchange, and the Ugnaughts share one piece of information with the heroes in good faith—they know that Darga has been dealing with the Empire, and they believe that a transaction is about to take place. If the heroes take care of their problem, Fyren and Krygg agree to share the rest of what they know. To get them started, the two Ugnaughts tell the heroes that they have tracked the source of the Tibanna gas being sold on the black market to one of their gas storage areas in the bowels of the city. They give the heroes directions for getting there, but they also provide a warning: The Wing Guard rarely goes into those depths, so the heroes will be on their own down there.

Following the directions given to them by Fyren and Krygg, the heroes make their way to one of the Tibanna gas storage areas. The Tibanna gas storage chambers are unguarded, though the heroes eventually stop seeing anyone—Human or Ugnaught—moving through these corridors well before they find who they are looking for.The heroes approach cautiously and are not spotted, they see further evidence that they have found their quarry. The Ugnaughts have connected a small pump to one of the massive Tibanna gas storage tanks(which is clearly labeled in Basic, Bocce, and a dozen other languages)and are transferring the gas into dozens of smaller containers, each small enough for an Ugnaught to carry.

The heroes try to talk to the Ugnaughts, they are wary.Having been caught doing something illegal—not to mention being in the employ of a Hutt crime lord—they are extremely paranoid about outsiders. The boss, clearly the ringleader of this gang of thieves, calls for action and a fight, short and bloody, ensues.

Dawn of Defiance: Episode 7
A Wretched Hive: Part 4

The heroes feeling that their time under Darga’s care is coming to an end make plans to leave the base. Trooper starts hearing whispers in his head. The voice, clearly that of a woman, says things such as, “Help me,” and “I know you can hear me.” The heroes search for a way to find the whispers, and they discover that the voice becomes stronger if they descend through the guest quarters into the lower reaches Because thr heroes curried Darga’s favor and were given the datacard to access the secret way in and out of the guestquarters, they can also use it to access a turbolift to the lower levels of the guest quarters. The turbolift leads them directly to the chambers where the woman is being held.

However, this path passes through an antechamber where some of Darga’s Gamorrean guards await. The guards tell the heroes to turn back, they refuse, a fight ensues.

Denia, a comatose Jedi master, is being held in a dank, disgusting area directly beneath the guest quarters that resembles a dungeon. The chamber is in disrepair, and structural damage to the palace has allowed rainwater to leak in, giving the place a musty feel. The whispers grow louder in their minds, urging them onand giving them directions to a large metal door. Pushing a button on the door causes it to creak and stutter as it slides open, revealing a chamber that resembles a dilapidated hospital room. It has the same musty smell as the outer hallway, but in this room is a large bed on which lays a woman well into her older years,connected to a variety of machines that seem to be monitoring her vital functions. A large tube of semitransparent liquid is connected to the woman intravenously, and her chest rises and falls slowly.

Once inside the room, the whispers in the heroes’ minds become stronger, and the voice claims that she can feel them close to her. Denia telepathically begs the heroes to free her, though the limitations on her telepathy keep her from asking or answering any more questions.

Ethan disconnects Denia from the machines that are keeping her in a coma and she regains consciousness. Then the alarms go off.

As soon as Denia was freed from her comatose state, Igren Demos sensed it and awoke his Hutt master. Darga, unprepared for having a full-fledged Jedi Master on the loose in his palace, ordered Demos to ready his personal starship for immediate departure and headed to the planet Bespin within minutes. Demos remained behind, charged with eliminating the heroes and Master Denia as well.

Igren Demos is no fool, and though he tries to stop the heroes, he doubts that he can do it alone. Many of the Hutt’s guards are mobilized, and a contingent of warriors moves toward the dungeon area to make sure the heroes do not escape with Denia. Demos locks down the doors in the lower guest quarters area and the dungeon area, shutting off power to the turbolift and sealing the blast doors over the stairwell exit up to the guard room. Using a secret passage from Darga’s throne room directly to the dungeon level, the guards open the secret door in the hallway outside Denia’s chamber just as the heroes emerge.

As soon as Igren Demos learned that the Hutt was abandoning his palace and that the Jedi Master had been freed, he began putting a plan into motion to prevent the prisoner from escaping. Demos has secretly been in contact with Imperial Inquisitor Valin Draco. Demos has hidden his Force sensitivity from the Inquisitor thus far, and he hopes that his alliance with the Empire will help him supplant Darga and seize control of the organization for his own. When the Hutt flees aboard his personal yacht to Bespin, Igren Demos dispatches the Gamorreans to delay the heroes and Denia while the majordomo makes contact with Inquisitor Draco via the Holonet. Demos implores the Inquisitor to come to Cato Neimoidia quickly because he has cornered a surviving Jedi Master. Demos hopes to turn Denia over to the Inquisitorius in exchange for their assistance in making sure that Darga never returns to Cato Neimoidia.

Unfortunately for Demos, he did not plan on the heroes’ resourcefulness. When they make their way up through the secret passage (as all other avenues are currently blocked), they arrive in the throne room just as Inquisitor Draco finishes telling Demos that he is on his way.

After finishing his communication with Draco, the majordomo waits in the throne room with his Trandoshan bodyguard and four Gamorrean guards. Demos orders his guards to attack and attempts to stop them from leaving with Denia. Bloodshed ensues.

With Denia in tow and the Empire on the way, the heroes leave Cato Neimoidia quickly. Once they make it past Demos, no one in the palace or the city beyond attempts to stop their escape. The Annabel Lee blasts off and rendevous with The Resurgance.

Dawn of Defiance: Episode 6
A Wretched Hive: Part 3

The gladiator match is plunged into darkness and the battle droid takes the opportunity of its opponenets blindness to drop a few stun grenades around. Trooper takes a full blast and is felled like Ethan. Although London is prepared to eneter the fray Psort decides discretion is the better part of valour and withdraws from the combat.

While Ethan and Trooper are recovering the team take part in some rather dull droid racing before retiring for the night.

When he is certain they are alone, TC-663 (who insists that the heroes call him Six Six) explains that in addition to serving as the Hutt’s translator, he also serves another master—a droid crime lord named Switch, who lives on Sel Zonn Station above the world of Brentaal. Six Six reveals that he has come to convey a small piece of information on Switch’s behalf. The droid tells the heroes that he has been monitoring communications leaving Darga’s palace, and it seems that someone has been transmitting information to the Empire while the Hutt sleeps, receiving instructions in return. Six Six has been sending these messages on to Switch, but the droid crime lord has been unable to break their encryption. Switch has ordered Six Six to turn the encrypted transmissions file over to the heroes and see what they can make of it. If the heroes are willing to share their findings with Six Six (who will share them with Switch), they can have the file at no charge. Londo manages to decrypt the file and retrieves the contents of the message. It reveals that late at night, the Hutt’s majordomo, Igren Demos, has been contacting an Imperial communications relay somewhere in the sector. The heroes cannot be certain who he is communicating with, but they know that Demos has been transmitting information about Darga’s dealings—particularly his slave trading—on a regular basis. The most recent communication specifically mentions that the slavers that Darga has been dealing with are unhappy with their merchandise. Additionally, several messages mention “the prisoner” but provide no further details.

The heroes head to the throne room to confront the major domo but are surprised to see a band of visitors arrive. Darga the Hutt has many contacts on many worlds, but few are as unsavory as a band of slavers known as the Iron Ring. These slavers are small-time—at least, compared to some of the more dangerous slaving rings in the galaxy—but what they lack in influence, they make up for in zeal. Most of the Iron Ring’s jurisdiction is on former Confederate worlds ravaged by the Clone Wars, where the Empire’s influence is minimal. Cato Neimoidia is one of their many planets of operation. A delegation from the Iron Ring comes to Darga’s palace during the heroes’ stay there, and the slavers are not happy. The delegation consists of three tough-looking Humans, a Rodian with a large blaster rifle, a black-furred Wookiee, and a scarred Zabrak leading two Twi’lek slaves by their collars.

They arrive seemingly unannounced, and as the audience chamber falls silent, it becomes apparent that Darga is less than pleased to see them. Taking up space in the middle of the chamber, the slavers offer everyone in the room, including the Hutt, a hard glare. After Darga spurts out a question in Huttese (“What are you doing here?”), the Zabrak steps forward and spits on the floor before speaking in heavily accented Basic.“The slaves you have been selling us are worthless, Darga! They have been dying before we can even get them to market. They are used up—second-rate! I want my credits back for the last four shipments!”

Darga lets out a low, rumbling laugh that sounds sinister even for the gluttonous Hutt. He rolls his eyes toward the heroes, utters a side remark (“See what ungrateful business partners I have?”) and then gives the slavers an angry response, translated by his protocol droid. The crime lord tells them that they have had the same business agreement for years now and that he is not responsible if they don’t know how to take care of their own product. He says that if they do not apologize and leave, he will have no choice but to dispose of them.

During the discussion, Londo notices that one of the delegation’s Twi’lek slaves is more than she appears. As a servant enters the throne room with a large goblet of wine for the crime lord, Londo notices the Twi’lek slave surreptitiously dropping a powdery substance into the goblet as the servant passes by. He reveals the Twi’lek’s guilt and Darga becomes enraged and threatens to throw the slavers in the dungeons. The Zabrak leader immediately withdraws his request for a new deal and apologizes profusely. Though he convinces Darga that the slave was acting of her own accord, the Hutt remains furious and declares the discussion over.

Poking around the residence level of the palace, Londo charms his way into the appartment of Gome, Darga’s money changer. Gome resides in a small apartment just off of the guest quarters, which serves as both his home and his work space. The Duros has little daily contact with anyone other than the servants who bring him food and drink, so when the Londo shows up at his door, he is more than a bit surprised. Londo chats to Gome about Neimodean opera and then lulls the old man into talking about Darga. Gome knows the following: At the conclusion of the Clone Wars, Darga took over a Tibanna gas smuggling ring after its leader was slain by Separatist mercenaries. Since that time, he has managed to increase the amount of Tibanna gas that is being smuggled away from its normal channels, and the smuggling ring has proven to be his most profitable venture, even ahead of his slave trading. The Empire approached Darga a few months ago with an interest in obtaining some of his Tibanna gas supplies off the record—though Gome recalls that they threatened to bring down the Hutt’s crime syndicate if he didn’t play nicely. Since then, Darga has been funneling every canister of Tibanna gas to the Empire for a secret project. The gas, which is refined on the planet Bespin, is loaded into large starships and handed over to the Empire in the space above that world. In return, Darga receives some kind of goods (Gome does not know what), and their transaction is ended.

Late in the evening, the guest quarters of Darga’s palace are quiet and peaceful. Small lights faintly illuminate the common area of the guest wing, and a stillness permeates the area, as though the building itself were in a deep sleep. Only the occasional shuffle of a servant’s footsteps breaks the silence of the night. And the party are subject to an assassination attempt.

Londo wakes to find three Quarren in his room wieleding knives. These slender Quarren wear gray overlapping robes. Eyes closed to menacing slits, the Quarren seem to radiate danger as they prepares to stab down.

Psort is jolted awake as the poison blade plunges into his chest.Though she might have been beautiful once, this young, greenskinned Twi’lek woman looks like she has seen her fair share of hard times, and now she seems more worn down than youthful. However, her face is hard and her eyes cold, and there is a distinct air of hatred around her.

Karth’s relexes and paranoia save him. Sitting up late in his room, he snaps from a doze to find the Wookie slaver entering. This towering Wookiee warrior seems to ooze malice and hatred. Hisnmatted black fur has been burned or slashed in some places, giving it an uneven look, and a permanent snarl seems to grace his lips. He wears battle armor and has a bowcaster slung over his shoulder, and his narrowed eyes seem to be looking for a fight.

The fight is a hard one but luck is on the three heroes’ side and they best their assassins. Before they can investigate further

Sortly after this encounter, three people are ushered into Darga’s audience chamber: two men and one woman. Though none of them is wearing any kind of Imperial uniform, whispers of “Imperial agents” ripple through the court. The two men are dressed in basic labourer’s clothing, and their eyes scan the room as if they expect an attack at any moment. The woman is also simply dressed, but it is clear from her bearing that she considers herself well above this assignment. The heroes notice that each of the men carries an identical blaster carbine, and in fact the two men could be twins, other than a few small differences, such as the placement of scars.

Darga summons the heroes close and quietly explains that he expects the Empire to try to double-cross him. Deals with the Empire have great potential rewards, he says, but one must always be careful when negotiating with such powerful allies. He implores the heroes to watch the proceedings and help him retain the upper hand in negotiations. He asks them to wait off to one side while he deals with the Imperial agent. When she arrives, flanked by her two guards, Darga rolls his eyes meaningfully in the heroes’ direction and then greets the newcomers (“Always a pleasure to serve the Empire! What can I do for you today?”). Neither the agent nor her guards seem to notice the Hutt’s glance toward the heroes. The Imperial liaison wastes no time and launches into a spiel about the transfer of Tibanna gas from Darga’s holdings to the Empire. She insists that while Darga’s supplies have been sufficient thus far, the Empire needs him to step up his production of refined Tibanna gas immediately. Darga has been shipping the gas (which is used in producing blaster and turbolaser bolts) to the Empire in substantial quantities, and now they want more. The liaison offers the Hutt an 80% increase in payments for a 100% increase in output, claiming that it is more than fair since he will be making more money overall. Additionally, she makes two other propositions. First, the Empire is willing to offer a further 20% increase in payments if the Hutt accepts the increase in “biological” resources. Second, the liaison offers to provide Darga with a personal Imperial security retinue as a sign of their continued good faith. The Hutt would have an Imperial regiment stationed in the city of Zarra, and a flight of Imperial starfighters would escort him when traveling off-world.

At this point, Darga turns to the heroes for advice. The heroes offer him good advice about not letting the Empire to far into his operation and Darga is pleased with their advice.

The heroes additionally recognise the liaison as someone they spotted in the halls of Organa’s palace on Alderaan.

Dawn of Defiance: Episode 5
A Wretched Hive: Part 2

Once the heroes have subdued Warrick Raden, it is not hard to convince him to lead them to Darga’s palace. The Devaronian is clearly terrified of what awaits him at the palace, but he is also afraid of the heroes, and as such he does not make any escape attempts. Raden has a speeder that can fit three passengers (or six, if they pile in on top of one another), and he wastes no time in zooming through the bridge city, weaving in and out of ruined buildings and taking shortcuts through the rubble. The trip to Darga’s palace takes half an hour, and Raden’s winding course leads the heroes into a dense cluster of buildings that blocks out their view of the Cato Neimoidian sky.

As the heroes approach Darga’s palace, they see that it is cleverly hidden among the ruins of several destroyed Neimoidian palaces. In fact, on first approach, there seems to be nothing of importance in the area. But on closer inspection, it becomes clear that the Hutt’s palace is cobbled together from former Neimoidian estates. The entrance to the palace is a pair of massive blast doors, 5 meters tall and carved with elaborate Hutt runes, set into the front wall. The doors appear to be unguarded. Raden walks timidly up to one door, which has a small communications panel. He presses a button, sputters some phrases in Huttese and steps back, fidgeting nervously. A long, quiet moment passes before two Nikto with hunting blaster rifles appear on battlements above the doors, weapons at the ready and pointed down at the visitors. A metal panel in the blast door scrapes as it is pulled aside, and a pair of glowing red eyes appear in the slit. A gravelly voice echoes from within the doors, again in Huttese and the panel slams closed.

A momentlater, there is a heavy clank of metal on metal, and the blast doors partto either side. A rush of cold, dry air flows outward from the Hutt’s palace, and Raden motions the heroes to follow him inside.

Entering the palace, there is no sign of who or what might have owned the glowing red eyes seen through the door panel. The heroes follow Raden down a long, dark hallway illuminated at seemingly random intervals by torches set in sconces on the walls. Unmarked metal doors are set into the walls at various points, and the air is thick with the smell of dust and rotting wood. Moving deeper into the palace, the heroes get the sense that the building was once bright and beautiful. It becomes clear that the palace probably once belonged to a high-ranking member of the Trade Federation.

Darga’s throne room is both opulent and repulsive. A thick layer of oddly scented smoke drifts through the air, rising out of braziers in the corners of the room. Once-beautiful tapestries line the walls, though most of them have been torn, burned, or stained to the point that they are almost unrecognizable. A raised dais in the center of the room supports the massive bulk of Darga the Hutt, and behind his dais a large, open balcony seems to extend into darkness.

When Warrick Raden leads the heroes into the room, the sounds of conversation and music come to a halt. Silence reigns as every eye turnsto watch Raden lead the visitors into an open space in front of the opulent dais. Darga’s eyes roll from the heroes to Raden, then sharpen quickly with anger. He booms something in Huttese at the Devaronian who immediately begins groveling, begging for the Hutt’s forgiveness as the rest of the court hoots with laughter and derision.

Darga cuts him off with a harsh word and calls for his protocol droid, TC-663. From this point on, Darga begins addressing the heroes directly, using TC-663 as a translator.

Darga’s giant eyes rest on them all for a long moment before the Hutt demands to know why they have come to his palace and how they convinced Raden to escort them. Darga is satisfied with the heroes explanation about their gun smuggling operation.

Once the heroes have satisfied his curiosity, Darga invites them to join him at court for a short while. He has many matters to attend to over the next few days, and he is expecting visitors besides, but he is more than happy to let them stick around.Darga calls for a feast and offers them a large amount of delicious (and expensive) food and drink. As the feast begins, two of Darga’s Gamorrean guards drag Warrick Raden off.

During the feast, Darga asks many questions about the heroes: who they are, where they come from, what their exploits are, and so on. Over the course of the meal, the heroes get the impression that, while Darga is trying to win them over with his opulence, he is also testing to see whether they have anything to offer him. He drops hints with remarks such as, “We will see how you enjoy your time in my court—and how much I enjoy your company,” or “The next few days will give us a chance to get to know each other and see how much I have to offer you—and you to offer me!”

For the next few days, the heroes spend time in Darga’s court, learning about the Hutt and his dealings by observing, participating in encounters, and snooping around. Though Darga seems eager to show them a good time, he remains wary of outsiders, so he plans to keep the heroes close. As such, they must not only uncover the Hutt’s involvement with the Sarlacc Project but also ingratiate themselves with Darga to gain his confidence.

Later that night, one of Darga’s servants visits Psort who is strolling the palace corridors with Ethan. The servant tells the heroes that Darga has summoned them to a secret meeting in his aviary because he cannot trust anyone else with what he has to say.

Shadows flicker across the floor of the aviary as the swaying trees within block out the moonlight shining down through the ceiling. The occasional flutter of wings or gust of air can be heard faintly as a bird takes flight or lands on a nearby branch. The soft rustle of leaves provides a thin background noise, masking the sounds of your footsteps as you pass down the dimly lit winding path, flanked on either side by the trunks of large trees.

Hiding within is Kessra with a whistle to control four large, vicious Kreehawk ‘pets’ of Darga. She sends the birds to attack. The fight is bloody but when the rest of the party join the fight it turns in their favour and they slay both the birds and Kessra.

Darga is disappointed that he didn’t get to see the fight. He considers himself even with the heroes if they killed any of his kreehawks, since they were attacked while guests under his roof.

Darga then calls for the execution of Warwick Raden and offers the heroes the chance to undertake it. Although Ethan is appalled at the prospect and argues against it, Psort stands forth and kills the Rodian with a single blow from his vibro-axe.

Darga, like all Hutts, has a short attention span and demands entertainment. The balcony overlooking the darkened area to the rear of Darga’s throne room is actually his viewing box for a moderately sized gladiator arena. From the looks of it, the arena was once a garden of some kind, likely filled with rare plants cultivated for a wealthy Neimoidian noble. The ceiling appears to be made entirely of transparisteel, though it has been crudely painted over, and gaudy lamps have been set in the walls all the way around the perimeter of the arena.

At Darga’s command, the lights go up, and the heroes are invited to the viewing box for gladiator matches. Darga explains that he always enters a team of gladiators in an annual competition on Rattatak, and that over the course of the year, various teams challenge one another for the right to be Darga’s sponsored gladiators. After a few brutal matches during which several combatants are maimed or killed, Darga offers the heroes a chance to prove their own mettle in the combat arena. Psort, Trooper and Ethan agree when it is explained it will be ‘stun only’.

High above the gladiator pit, Darga the Hutt presides over the beginning of the match, looking down on you with a slimy grin. Standing just to his left is the protocol droid translator, who relays the Hutt’s decree down to you: “Fight for the chance to be my personal gladiator team! Riches and fame for all who are strong enough to seize them!” With that, the Hutt blows a massive horn that echoes throughout the open gladiator pit. Dirt crunches underfoot, and flickering light shines from the lamps mounted around the perimeter.

The five gladiators are an odd mix, making a team that seems as mismatched as it is diverse. Three Gamorreans wielding vibro-axes snort and drool hungrily, pounding on their armored chests and looking as though they were preparing for a feast. A sly-looking Rodian paces back and forth casually, gripping a blaster at his hip, clenching and unclenching his fist as he waits for the fight to start. A cobbled-together battle droid with three photoreceptors and a massive grenade launcher stands stock still, its only movement the occasional twitch of an electronic eye swiveling to examine the heroes from a different angle.

The fight begins but is swift and unbalanced. Psort engages the battle-droid, Trooper the Rodian and Ethan is cornered and felled by the three Gamorrean’s battle charge. Then the lights go out.

Dawn of Defiance: Episode 4
A Wretched Hive: Part 1

The briefing room aboard the Resurgence is clean and white, with several benches wrapping smoothly around a holographic projector seated on a raised dais in the center of the room. The projector springs to life, and the blue-tinted hologram of a Hutt appears to hover a few inches away from the projector’s three curved prongs.

With a brusque clearing of his throat, former Imperial officer Gilder Varth begins to speak, wasting little time on pleasantries. “Before the Empire decided my conscience was a liability,” he says, “I was involved peripherally in a top-secret plan known as the Sarlacc Project. While the details of the project are unknown to me, I was involved in the transfer of large sums of credits and resources to the project. Whatever the project entails, it is taking up a lot of the Empire’s time and effort. Moreover, I believe that this Sarlacc Project is destroying the lives of thousands of sentient beings; casualty reports crossed my desk on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, I don’t know much more than that. However, during my brief brushes with the project, I discovered that the Imperial Navy was hiding the program’s existence from the Senate by transferring resources through secondary sources. Resources were routed through the Corporate Sector, through fake contractors, and through the criminal underworld to keep a trail from leading back to the project.

One such secondary source was a Hutt crime lord named Darga. Like all Hutts, Darga is a slimy gangster whose love of credits is exceeded only by his love of power. Part of my job involved transferring resources to Darga, and in turn arranging for Imperial agents to take control of other resources from the Hutt’s organization. These were not simply transfers of credits. The items being traded were not specified, but physical resources were definitely being exchanged. Though it’s not much, this is the only lead we have.

Captain Verana has charged me with helping to uncover more about the Sarlacc Project, and he has authorized me to use you as my agents. We need you to travel to the planet of Cato Neimoidia and find Darga the Hutt. See if you can learn what he is trading in and how it relates to the Sarlacc Project.”

After a short debate, and haggle about fees, the crew of the Annabel Lee find themselves in their ship heading out to Cato Neimoidia. There is a short skirmish with some TIE-fighters but nothing they can’t handle, even with Trooper suffering from food poisoning, and the ship soon lands at Zarra spaceport.

Leaving Trooper to guard the ship the crew make their way into the ruined city. They are quickly hassled by a localswoop gang. The Vipers, a rough gang of thugs who terrorize Zarra on a daily basis, always look for fresh prey when an outlander starship arrives. The swoop gang’s leader is a violent Human woman named Kessra. She is the only female member of the gang, but she bears the scars of several past battles. From the Vipers’ demeanor, it is clear that they follow her unquestioningly. Kessra taunts the heroes from the back of her swoop bike, claiming that they’ve failed to pay for a landing permit from the Vipers. If they wish to pass unharmed, they’ll have to dole out 1,000 credits each. Psort opens fire immediately so the party are forced into a gun battle which they win fairly easily, driving off Kessra and the reaminder of her gang.

With nothing more to go on than a city and the name of a Hutt, the heroes don’t have many leads to follow. Asking questions about a Hutt crime lord can be a dangerous business in Zarra, and most citizens rebuff the heroes if they try. However, after a few attempts to find Darga, the heroes should come to realize that the Hutt lives in the city and is, in fact, well known, even if no one will reveal his exact location. But there is one way for the heroes to learn where Darga resides. One of his flunkies, a young Devaronian thief and errand boy named Warrick “Womp Rat” Raden, spends a great deal of time in the city. The heroes are told where to find Raden—a nearby ruined warehouse.

When the heroes finally locate Warrick Raden, they quickly discover that he does not want to be found or to talk about Darga. The Devaronian is willing to fight his way free and is not afraid to fire a few blaster bolts to put the heroes off his scent. Withdrawing after an initial parlay is refused the party return all guns blazing. Despite his re-programmed excavation droid guards and a bunch of handy thugs, the fight is fairly one-sided and soon Reden is the team’s prisoner.

Dawn of Defiance: Episode 3
The Traitor's Gambit - Part 3

Once the heroes have concluded their visit to the Felucian village (and prevented the Imperials from reporting its location), they make their way to the Imperial prison facility. Their Felucian scout leads them around obstacles and potential threats and takes them directly to the facility. Their guide doesn’t say much on the journey and simply leads them to their target with solemn determination.

When the heroes arrive, they discover that the prison facility is a relatively squat, two-story building in characteristic Imperial style: gray walls with a slight outward slant, no visible windows, and a plain visage that leaves no room for accoutrements. The second story of the building is visibly smaller than the ground floor, and blinking lights line the top floor’s edges. A large set of blast doors denotes the ground floor entry to the building, while a single gun turret (which appears to be an E-Web blaster built into the wall) juts out a few meters to the door’s left. Otherwise, there are no other visible entrances or exits to the facility. Stormtroopers stand guard at the facility’s blast doors, while the low hum of speeder engines indicates that there might be scout troopers on patrol nearby. The team hears heavy thudding sounds in the distance, along with the noises of plants being crushed, indicating the presence of a walker of some kind.

Fortunately for the crew, their Felucian scout is aware of a secret entrance. He leads them to the northwest corner of the building, where a ventilation grate barely hangs on its bolts. With the right application of force it is pried free, giving the heroes a way into the prison facility.

The first room the team come across is the medical bay.Originally a standard medical bay intended to heal prisoners who were injured during interrogations, the bay has been transformed into a science lab. The room is littered with experimental equipment designed to alter the genetic material of the test subjects—namely, the Felucians that the Empire has been snatching from the nearby villages. Three filled bacta tanks line the far wall. Currently, the tanks are empty of patients, but wear and scratches on the inside of each tank show that whatever had been floating within had tried to claw its way out.

When the heroes arrive in this room, they found themsleves fighting the mutated Felucians, a lab technician and a medi-droid.

The crew then make their way to the prison stockade. The small prison block where Admiral Varth is being held is unlike most Imperial detention centers. Instead of having individual holding cells, the prison block features an open but secure area where the prisoners share a living space. However, the space is filthy and the prisoners are treated poorly, and a former Imperial Admiral is no exception. As soon as the heroes enter the room, they find themselves under attack from the guards and security droids. After a fierce battle, the team rescue the Admiral and, after some debate, other Imperial prisoners.

Admiral Varth is a slightly overweight man with close-cropped gray hair and a bushy mustache. He has clearly seen better days; his right eye is swollen and bruised, and a trail of dried blood stains the corner of his mouth.

Making their way to the Communications Centre, cue more gunfighting, and back to their rendevous, the crew find their guide dead and the Imperials alerted. They retreat back into the base and arrange to rendevous with a repaired Banshee and Captain O’Keefe on the roof.

Once the heroes reach the second floor,they find themselves face to face with Captain Vischera, the mastermind behindthe cruel experiments being performed on captured Felucians. From the command centre, Captain Vischera monitors the interactions among many Imperial facilities on Felucia, including his own.

Vischera is waiting for them to arrive, attended by two bodyguards—mutated Felucians that have been molded into terrifying fighting machines and a umber of stormtroopers. The fight is arduous but the party overcome their inept shot foes and the mutants. Captain Vischera also meets a bloody end.

When the heroes finally make their way to the roof of the facility with Admiral Varth, Captain Okeefe brings the Banshee swooping in to rescue them. As laser fire spatters ineffectually against the ship’s shields, the heroes climb into the transport via the extended landing ramp. The heroes planted the explosives in the communications centre and the first round of explosions begin tearing through the facility, growing louder and closer with each passing second. Once everyone is on board, Captain Okeefe blasts off, and within moments the ship is safely away from the lush fungal world and into hyperspace.

Instead of returning to Alderaan, Captain Okeefe tells the heroes that she has been instructed to rendezvous with a starship in the remote and uninhabited Zandrax System. She goes out of her way not to mention Bail Organa’s name, especially not in front ofAdmiral Varth, and explains that their benefactor has set up a refuge for them.

Upon exiting hyperspace, the heroes are greeted with the impressive vision of the Resurgence, a brand-new Nebulon-B frigate that will serve as a mobile safe house for the Admiral. Captain Okeefe lands the Banshee in one of the Resurgence’s docking bays, and once they disembark, they meet the captain of the frigate, Adrian Verana. Captain Verana is a tall and slender man with jet-black hair and a finely trimmed beard that hugs his square jaw. He is dressed in the sterile uniform of an Alderaanian officer, and his dark eyes seem to weigh each hero carefully as he speaks to them. Captain Verana tells the heroes that they have been assigned quarters on the Resurgence, and that the ship’s facilities are available at any time.

Dawn of Defiance: Episode 2
The Traitor's Gambit - Part 2

The Banshee landed at the Royal Palace on Alderaan, and the group was met by Senator Bail Organa. He thanked them for their assistance, and told them that he was going to entrust them with another paid mission. In recent months, an Imperial admiral had been providing sensitive information to Organa, but this flow of information stopped two weeks ago. Organa feared that the admiral had been captured, and his fears turned out to be correct, based on information provided by the agent who had been frozen in carbonite. Organa asked the group to infiltrate a prison facility on Felucia, find out what happened to Admiral Varth, and rescue him if they could. The group discovered that they would each be getting 3000 credits upon completion of the job, and they got a picture of Varth so that they would know him when they saw him. They also found out that the prison facility relied on secrecy, rather than firepower, for its protection. With this information in hand, the group took leave of the senator to go do some shopping – Karth wanted some explosives.

Sirrona said she had been considering how to proceed, and offered the plan of dropping to the surface of Felucia, then skimming the surface and landing a day’s march away from the facility. This would allow the Banshee to stay out of range of any defenses the facility might have, and would allow the group to approach the facility more discreetly.

Hyperspace was uneventful but emerging from ftl travel the group ran into an Imperial Star Destroyer. O’Keefe executed an emergency dive into the planet’s atmosphere to evade the Imperials. She succeeded but The Banshee was dmaged on landing and the party had to set off on foot.

It took about 6 hours of tromping through the jungles and swamps, and then the group was suddenly attacked by several Felucian natives wielding melee weapons fashioned out of some kind of bone.

The group all handled the natives fairly easily. Moments after the fight ended, a man with scraggly hair came riding onto the scene atop a kybuck. He introduced himself as Vazus Mandrake, and said the fight was a big misunderstanding – the Felucians had trouble discerning outsiders. He invited the group to the Felucian’s village nearby. The group accepted, and as they entered the village, Vazus dismounted and left his kybuck with several others in a small pen.

Vazus asked the group who they were, and what they were doing there. Vazus was very forthcoming about the fact that he was doing mercenary work for the Separatists during the Clone Wars. He was gravely wounded and the rest of his team was killed. He chose to live among the Felucians, and seemed quite happy with his new life. Seeing that Vazus had no Imperial ties, the team opted to come clean and told him that they were headed to the prison facility to infiltrate it and take something from it. Vazus immediately perked up, and asked the group to complete some sabotage that he had been planning for some time, but that Vazus himself felt he could not accomplish on his own. He gave the group a large explosive, and told them to plant it in the facility’s communications centre. He said there were enough power sources there to blow up the entire facility. In exchange, he would let them use his kybucks for the remainder of their journey to the facility. The group readily agreed, and hoped that the destruction of the facility would help cover their escape.

The villager’s chief then arrived, and asked about the group’s intentions. When he learned that the group intended to destroy the facility, he was quite pleased, and offered to send a Felucian scout with the group, to guide them to the facility. This offer was eagerly accepted. While heading to a vacant hut to recuperate, Trooper heard the anguished cries of sick Felucian children. Upon investigation, he found that the children had some kind of sickness that had been infecting some of the villagers for a few weeks now. The Felucians had no cure for the disease, and its victims ultimately withered and died. Trooper, realising it was some sort of airborne mutant virus, treated the children, and managed to cure them. The chief and the rest of the villagers were very pleased indeed.

The group planned to spend the night in the village, in preparation of the final leg of their journey to the facility. But shortly after, they heard the whine of a repulsor engine, and saw an Imperial scout trooper fly away. Vazus was very alarmed at the idea of the scout reporting the village’s location, and the group did not want the Imperials to have advanced warning of their presence. So at Vazus’ suggestion, they each rode a kybuck and gave chase. The kybucks were exceptionally fast, and when skillfully ridden, could actually gain on the fleeing speeder.

Karth got lost early on in the chase, and had to spend precious time getting back on track but the rest of the group, especially Trooper and Psort, proved excellent riders. Trooper, Psort, Ethan and Londo suddenly found themselves at a small Imperial communications outpost. They faced two scout troopers on speeder bikes, and four stormtroopers that they could see. The Imperials opened fire. The heroes drew their weapons and returned fire. A round later, Karth entered the area, and joined the fight. One of the scout troopers was killed, leaving his speeder bike unattended. The Imperials fought bravely but ineptly and soon lay dead. The group rigged the site to cover their involvement in the deaths of the stormtroopers and retired to the village.

Dawn of Defiance: Episode 1
The Traitor's Gambit - Part 1

The Annabel Lee docked at the Sel Zonn station, orbiting the planet of Brentaal, to complete repairs to the battered ship. The crew rolled dice to see who would stay with the ship and Trooper lost so Ethan, Psort, Lando and Karth went for a walk along the promenade of the station. The group noticed that there were two suspicious men in the crowd who seemed to be looking for something or someone. They had poorly concealed hold-out blasters.

A pretty, dark-haired woman dressed as a mechanic stumbled onto the promenade, obviously suffering from a severe injury. She staggered to Lando and begged for his help. As soon as she entered, the two men drew their weapons and advanced. At the same time three stormtroopers entered the promenade in pursuit of the woman. Lando sprang into action and hurried the woman into a nearby shop pursued by the Imperials and their agents. Ethan and Psort went to Lando’s aid with Psort’s vibroaxe proving to be a deadly weapon. Pretty soon, the stormtroopers and security agents lay dead – most of them in several pieces.

The group quickly left the scene and went to Maya, the mechanic’s, safe house. While there, Ethan performed surgery on Maya in order to stabilise her.

Maya told the group she was an agent of Senator Bail Organa and that he would reward them for helping her with her mission. Maya told the group that she needed them to retrieve some sensitive cargo for her, but that she didn’t know where or what the cargo was. A local information broker, a droid named Switch, had that information and Maya told the group how to find him. Maya told the group to comm her once they had the cargo, and she would get a ship to them within one minute.

The group found their way to section V14, which turned out to be a rather run-down area of the station. Ethan convinced a couple of Gamorrean guards that the group needed to see Switch, and the group was allowed inside. Switch had a few thugs and a Twi’lek major-domo nearby. Switch cordially greeted the group, and after discovering that they wanted Maya’s cargo, he told them it was in the Imperial docking bay on Blue Deck (for a fee of 1000 credits). The group negotiated the price down to 200 credits by each agreeing to provide Switch with information from their travels. As the negotiations came to a close, blaster fire was heard outside, accompanied by the squeal of dying Gamorreans. The door opened, and a large Chevin named Ganga-Lor announced that he was slagging Switch for encroaching on his territory. Mistaking the PC’s for friends of Switch, Ganga-Lor told his thugs to open fire on everyone. Everyone drew their weapons and returned fire. Switch hid behind a nearby crate while Ganga-Lor’s thugs concentrated mainly on the party, but had trouble hitting them. Psort sorted out Ganga-Lor’s thugs with a well-placed grenade. Ganga-Lor retreated back a bit, and called out an apparently pre-arranged signal to Switch’s thugs. Switch’s thugs immediately switched sides, causing the group to be surrounded by enemies. However, the thugs were pretty crap and the group dispatched them and Ganga-Lor pretty speedily. All in all, the group foiled the attempted ambush very quickly. The grateful Switch then agreed to refund the party’s money and revealed that the secret cargo was another Alderannian agent frozen in carbonite. The group entered the Blue zone of the station and made their way to the docking bay. They entered the large bay but found it filled with stormtroopers who were attempting to take the carbonite slab. The group quickly drew their weapons and attacked the stormtroopers. The stormtroopers returned fire, and the officer set off an alarm. The storm troopers lived up to their reputations and couldn’t hit the side of a barn. The group steadily took down the stormtroopers one at a time, until only the officer was left. He hid behind a desk for cover, but this only prolonged the inevitable. The officer was soon killed.

Once the immediate threat was over, the group contacted Maya on the comm link. Lando use the repulsor sled to take charge of the carbonite block. More stormtroopers were on their way but the bay doors opened and the rescue ship arrived. It was a large space yacht called the Banshee. Maya was on board along with Trooper and the Annabel Lee itself. The team hurried on board and the ship took off into hyperspace.

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