The Chronicles of The Annabel Lee

Dawn of Defiance: Episode 7

A Wretched Hive: Part 4

The heroes feeling that their time under Darga’s care is coming to an end make plans to leave the base. Trooper starts hearing whispers in his head. The voice, clearly that of a woman, says things such as, “Help me,” and “I know you can hear me.” The heroes search for a way to find the whispers, and they discover that the voice becomes stronger if they descend through the guest quarters into the lower reaches Because thr heroes curried Darga’s favor and were given the datacard to access the secret way in and out of the guestquarters, they can also use it to access a turbolift to the lower levels of the guest quarters. The turbolift leads them directly to the chambers where the woman is being held.

However, this path passes through an antechamber where some of Darga’s Gamorrean guards await. The guards tell the heroes to turn back, they refuse, a fight ensues.

Denia, a comatose Jedi master, is being held in a dank, disgusting area directly beneath the guest quarters that resembles a dungeon. The chamber is in disrepair, and structural damage to the palace has allowed rainwater to leak in, giving the place a musty feel. The whispers grow louder in their minds, urging them onand giving them directions to a large metal door. Pushing a button on the door causes it to creak and stutter as it slides open, revealing a chamber that resembles a dilapidated hospital room. It has the same musty smell as the outer hallway, but in this room is a large bed on which lays a woman well into her older years,connected to a variety of machines that seem to be monitoring her vital functions. A large tube of semitransparent liquid is connected to the woman intravenously, and her chest rises and falls slowly.

Once inside the room, the whispers in the heroes’ minds become stronger, and the voice claims that she can feel them close to her. Denia telepathically begs the heroes to free her, though the limitations on her telepathy keep her from asking or answering any more questions.

Ethan disconnects Denia from the machines that are keeping her in a coma and she regains consciousness. Then the alarms go off.

As soon as Denia was freed from her comatose state, Igren Demos sensed it and awoke his Hutt master. Darga, unprepared for having a full-fledged Jedi Master on the loose in his palace, ordered Demos to ready his personal starship for immediate departure and headed to the planet Bespin within minutes. Demos remained behind, charged with eliminating the heroes and Master Denia as well.

Igren Demos is no fool, and though he tries to stop the heroes, he doubts that he can do it alone. Many of the Hutt’s guards are mobilized, and a contingent of warriors moves toward the dungeon area to make sure the heroes do not escape with Denia. Demos locks down the doors in the lower guest quarters area and the dungeon area, shutting off power to the turbolift and sealing the blast doors over the stairwell exit up to the guard room. Using a secret passage from Darga’s throne room directly to the dungeon level, the guards open the secret door in the hallway outside Denia’s chamber just as the heroes emerge.

As soon as Igren Demos learned that the Hutt was abandoning his palace and that the Jedi Master had been freed, he began putting a plan into motion to prevent the prisoner from escaping. Demos has secretly been in contact with Imperial Inquisitor Valin Draco. Demos has hidden his Force sensitivity from the Inquisitor thus far, and he hopes that his alliance with the Empire will help him supplant Darga and seize control of the organization for his own. When the Hutt flees aboard his personal yacht to Bespin, Igren Demos dispatches the Gamorreans to delay the heroes and Denia while the majordomo makes contact with Inquisitor Draco via the Holonet. Demos implores the Inquisitor to come to Cato Neimoidia quickly because he has cornered a surviving Jedi Master. Demos hopes to turn Denia over to the Inquisitorius in exchange for their assistance in making sure that Darga never returns to Cato Neimoidia.

Unfortunately for Demos, he did not plan on the heroes’ resourcefulness. When they make their way up through the secret passage (as all other avenues are currently blocked), they arrive in the throne room just as Inquisitor Draco finishes telling Demos that he is on his way.

After finishing his communication with Draco, the majordomo waits in the throne room with his Trandoshan bodyguard and four Gamorrean guards. Demos orders his guards to attack and attempts to stop them from leaving with Denia. Bloodshed ensues.

With Denia in tow and the Empire on the way, the heroes leave Cato Neimoidia quickly. Once they make it past Demos, no one in the palace or the city beyond attempts to stop their escape. The Annabel Lee blasts off and rendevous with The Resurgance.



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