The Chronicles of The Annabel Lee

Dawn of Defiance: Episode 3

The Traitor's Gambit - Part 3

Once the heroes have concluded their visit to the Felucian village (and prevented the Imperials from reporting its location), they make their way to the Imperial prison facility. Their Felucian scout leads them around obstacles and potential threats and takes them directly to the facility. Their guide doesn’t say much on the journey and simply leads them to their target with solemn determination.

When the heroes arrive, they discover that the prison facility is a relatively squat, two-story building in characteristic Imperial style: gray walls with a slight outward slant, no visible windows, and a plain visage that leaves no room for accoutrements. The second story of the building is visibly smaller than the ground floor, and blinking lights line the top floor’s edges. A large set of blast doors denotes the ground floor entry to the building, while a single gun turret (which appears to be an E-Web blaster built into the wall) juts out a few meters to the door’s left. Otherwise, there are no other visible entrances or exits to the facility. Stormtroopers stand guard at the facility’s blast doors, while the low hum of speeder engines indicates that there might be scout troopers on patrol nearby. The team hears heavy thudding sounds in the distance, along with the noises of plants being crushed, indicating the presence of a walker of some kind.

Fortunately for the crew, their Felucian scout is aware of a secret entrance. He leads them to the northwest corner of the building, where a ventilation grate barely hangs on its bolts. With the right application of force it is pried free, giving the heroes a way into the prison facility.

The first room the team come across is the medical bay.Originally a standard medical bay intended to heal prisoners who were injured during interrogations, the bay has been transformed into a science lab. The room is littered with experimental equipment designed to alter the genetic material of the test subjects—namely, the Felucians that the Empire has been snatching from the nearby villages. Three filled bacta tanks line the far wall. Currently, the tanks are empty of patients, but wear and scratches on the inside of each tank show that whatever had been floating within had tried to claw its way out.

When the heroes arrive in this room, they found themsleves fighting the mutated Felucians, a lab technician and a medi-droid.

The crew then make their way to the prison stockade. The small prison block where Admiral Varth is being held is unlike most Imperial detention centers. Instead of having individual holding cells, the prison block features an open but secure area where the prisoners share a living space. However, the space is filthy and the prisoners are treated poorly, and a former Imperial Admiral is no exception. As soon as the heroes enter the room, they find themselves under attack from the guards and security droids. After a fierce battle, the team rescue the Admiral and, after some debate, other Imperial prisoners.

Admiral Varth is a slightly overweight man with close-cropped gray hair and a bushy mustache. He has clearly seen better days; his right eye is swollen and bruised, and a trail of dried blood stains the corner of his mouth.

Making their way to the Communications Centre, cue more gunfighting, and back to their rendevous, the crew find their guide dead and the Imperials alerted. They retreat back into the base and arrange to rendevous with a repaired Banshee and Captain O’Keefe on the roof.

Once the heroes reach the second floor,they find themselves face to face with Captain Vischera, the mastermind behindthe cruel experiments being performed on captured Felucians. From the command centre, Captain Vischera monitors the interactions among many Imperial facilities on Felucia, including his own.

Vischera is waiting for them to arrive, attended by two bodyguards—mutated Felucians that have been molded into terrifying fighting machines and a umber of stormtroopers. The fight is arduous but the party overcome their inept shot foes and the mutants. Captain Vischera also meets a bloody end.

When the heroes finally make their way to the roof of the facility with Admiral Varth, Captain Okeefe brings the Banshee swooping in to rescue them. As laser fire spatters ineffectually against the ship’s shields, the heroes climb into the transport via the extended landing ramp. The heroes planted the explosives in the communications centre and the first round of explosions begin tearing through the facility, growing louder and closer with each passing second. Once everyone is on board, Captain Okeefe blasts off, and within moments the ship is safely away from the lush fungal world and into hyperspace.

Instead of returning to Alderaan, Captain Okeefe tells the heroes that she has been instructed to rendezvous with a starship in the remote and uninhabited Zandrax System. She goes out of her way not to mention Bail Organa’s name, especially not in front ofAdmiral Varth, and explains that their benefactor has set up a refuge for them.

Upon exiting hyperspace, the heroes are greeted with the impressive vision of the Resurgence, a brand-new Nebulon-B frigate that will serve as a mobile safe house for the Admiral. Captain Okeefe lands the Banshee in one of the Resurgence’s docking bays, and once they disembark, they meet the captain of the frigate, Adrian Verana. Captain Verana is a tall and slender man with jet-black hair and a finely trimmed beard that hugs his square jaw. He is dressed in the sterile uniform of an Alderaanian officer, and his dark eyes seem to weigh each hero carefully as he speaks to them. Captain Verana tells the heroes that they have been assigned quarters on the Resurgence, and that the ship’s facilities are available at any time.



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