The Chronicles of The Annabel Lee

Dawn of Defiance: Episode 2

The Traitor's Gambit - Part 2

The Banshee landed at the Royal Palace on Alderaan, and the group was met by Senator Bail Organa. He thanked them for their assistance, and told them that he was going to entrust them with another paid mission. In recent months, an Imperial admiral had been providing sensitive information to Organa, but this flow of information stopped two weeks ago. Organa feared that the admiral had been captured, and his fears turned out to be correct, based on information provided by the agent who had been frozen in carbonite. Organa asked the group to infiltrate a prison facility on Felucia, find out what happened to Admiral Varth, and rescue him if they could. The group discovered that they would each be getting 3000 credits upon completion of the job, and they got a picture of Varth so that they would know him when they saw him. They also found out that the prison facility relied on secrecy, rather than firepower, for its protection. With this information in hand, the group took leave of the senator to go do some shopping – Karth wanted some explosives.

Sirrona said she had been considering how to proceed, and offered the plan of dropping to the surface of Felucia, then skimming the surface and landing a day’s march away from the facility. This would allow the Banshee to stay out of range of any defenses the facility might have, and would allow the group to approach the facility more discreetly.

Hyperspace was uneventful but emerging from ftl travel the group ran into an Imperial Star Destroyer. O’Keefe executed an emergency dive into the planet’s atmosphere to evade the Imperials. She succeeded but The Banshee was dmaged on landing and the party had to set off on foot.

It took about 6 hours of tromping through the jungles and swamps, and then the group was suddenly attacked by several Felucian natives wielding melee weapons fashioned out of some kind of bone.

The group all handled the natives fairly easily. Moments after the fight ended, a man with scraggly hair came riding onto the scene atop a kybuck. He introduced himself as Vazus Mandrake, and said the fight was a big misunderstanding – the Felucians had trouble discerning outsiders. He invited the group to the Felucian’s village nearby. The group accepted, and as they entered the village, Vazus dismounted and left his kybuck with several others in a small pen.

Vazus asked the group who they were, and what they were doing there. Vazus was very forthcoming about the fact that he was doing mercenary work for the Separatists during the Clone Wars. He was gravely wounded and the rest of his team was killed. He chose to live among the Felucians, and seemed quite happy with his new life. Seeing that Vazus had no Imperial ties, the team opted to come clean and told him that they were headed to the prison facility to infiltrate it and take something from it. Vazus immediately perked up, and asked the group to complete some sabotage that he had been planning for some time, but that Vazus himself felt he could not accomplish on his own. He gave the group a large explosive, and told them to plant it in the facility’s communications centre. He said there were enough power sources there to blow up the entire facility. In exchange, he would let them use his kybucks for the remainder of their journey to the facility. The group readily agreed, and hoped that the destruction of the facility would help cover their escape.

The villager’s chief then arrived, and asked about the group’s intentions. When he learned that the group intended to destroy the facility, he was quite pleased, and offered to send a Felucian scout with the group, to guide them to the facility. This offer was eagerly accepted. While heading to a vacant hut to recuperate, Trooper heard the anguished cries of sick Felucian children. Upon investigation, he found that the children had some kind of sickness that had been infecting some of the villagers for a few weeks now. The Felucians had no cure for the disease, and its victims ultimately withered and died. Trooper, realising it was some sort of airborne mutant virus, treated the children, and managed to cure them. The chief and the rest of the villagers were very pleased indeed.

The group planned to spend the night in the village, in preparation of the final leg of their journey to the facility. But shortly after, they heard the whine of a repulsor engine, and saw an Imperial scout trooper fly away. Vazus was very alarmed at the idea of the scout reporting the village’s location, and the group did not want the Imperials to have advanced warning of their presence. So at Vazus’ suggestion, they each rode a kybuck and gave chase. The kybucks were exceptionally fast, and when skillfully ridden, could actually gain on the fleeing speeder.

Karth got lost early on in the chase, and had to spend precious time getting back on track but the rest of the group, especially Trooper and Psort, proved excellent riders. Trooper, Psort, Ethan and Londo suddenly found themselves at a small Imperial communications outpost. They faced two scout troopers on speeder bikes, and four stormtroopers that they could see. The Imperials opened fire. The heroes drew their weapons and returned fire. A round later, Karth entered the area, and joined the fight. One of the scout troopers was killed, leaving his speeder bike unattended. The Imperials fought bravely but ineptly and soon lay dead. The group rigged the site to cover their involvement in the deaths of the stormtroopers and retired to the village.



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