The Chronicles of The Annabel Lee

Dawn of Defiance: Episode 1

The Traitor's Gambit - Part 1

The Annabel Lee docked at the Sel Zonn station, orbiting the planet of Brentaal, to complete repairs to the battered ship. The crew rolled dice to see who would stay with the ship and Trooper lost so Ethan, Psort, Lando and Karth went for a walk along the promenade of the station. The group noticed that there were two suspicious men in the crowd who seemed to be looking for something or someone. They had poorly concealed hold-out blasters.

A pretty, dark-haired woman dressed as a mechanic stumbled onto the promenade, obviously suffering from a severe injury. She staggered to Lando and begged for his help. As soon as she entered, the two men drew their weapons and advanced. At the same time three stormtroopers entered the promenade in pursuit of the woman. Lando sprang into action and hurried the woman into a nearby shop pursued by the Imperials and their agents. Ethan and Psort went to Lando’s aid with Psort’s vibroaxe proving to be a deadly weapon. Pretty soon, the stormtroopers and security agents lay dead – most of them in several pieces.

The group quickly left the scene and went to Maya, the mechanic’s, safe house. While there, Ethan performed surgery on Maya in order to stabilise her.

Maya told the group she was an agent of Senator Bail Organa and that he would reward them for helping her with her mission. Maya told the group that she needed them to retrieve some sensitive cargo for her, but that she didn’t know where or what the cargo was. A local information broker, a droid named Switch, had that information and Maya told the group how to find him. Maya told the group to comm her once they had the cargo, and she would get a ship to them within one minute.

The group found their way to section V14, which turned out to be a rather run-down area of the station. Ethan convinced a couple of Gamorrean guards that the group needed to see Switch, and the group was allowed inside. Switch had a few thugs and a Twi’lek major-domo nearby. Switch cordially greeted the group, and after discovering that they wanted Maya’s cargo, he told them it was in the Imperial docking bay on Blue Deck (for a fee of 1000 credits). The group negotiated the price down to 200 credits by each agreeing to provide Switch with information from their travels. As the negotiations came to a close, blaster fire was heard outside, accompanied by the squeal of dying Gamorreans. The door opened, and a large Chevin named Ganga-Lor announced that he was slagging Switch for encroaching on his territory. Mistaking the PC’s for friends of Switch, Ganga-Lor told his thugs to open fire on everyone. Everyone drew their weapons and returned fire. Switch hid behind a nearby crate while Ganga-Lor’s thugs concentrated mainly on the party, but had trouble hitting them. Psort sorted out Ganga-Lor’s thugs with a well-placed grenade. Ganga-Lor retreated back a bit, and called out an apparently pre-arranged signal to Switch’s thugs. Switch’s thugs immediately switched sides, causing the group to be surrounded by enemies. However, the thugs were pretty crap and the group dispatched them and Ganga-Lor pretty speedily. All in all, the group foiled the attempted ambush very quickly. The grateful Switch then agreed to refund the party’s money and revealed that the secret cargo was another Alderannian agent frozen in carbonite. The group entered the Blue zone of the station and made their way to the docking bay. They entered the large bay but found it filled with stormtroopers who were attempting to take the carbonite slab. The group quickly drew their weapons and attacked the stormtroopers. The stormtroopers returned fire, and the officer set off an alarm. The storm troopers lived up to their reputations and couldn’t hit the side of a barn. The group steadily took down the stormtroopers one at a time, until only the officer was left. He hid behind a desk for cover, but this only prolonged the inevitable. The officer was soon killed.

Once the immediate threat was over, the group contacted Maya on the comm link. Lando use the repulsor sled to take charge of the carbonite block. More stormtroopers were on their way but the bay doors opened and the rescue ship arrived. It was a large space yacht called the Banshee. Maya was on board along with Trooper and the Annabel Lee itself. The team hurried on board and the ship took off into hyperspace.



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